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The rising tide of antisemitism in the UK is something that deeply concerns us all. As parliamentarians we recognise our responsibility to take a lead in the fight against this latest incarnation of what is surely the oldest form of hatred.

Seven years ago, I commissioned the All-Party Parliamentary Inquiry into Antisemitism in the UK. The inquiry report received much coverage and was welcomed by many who share our determination to confront and defeat antisemitism in this country and beyond.

There have now been three government responses to that inquiry which welcomed many of the recommendations and echoed our concern in the face of a sharp increase in incident figures and general atmosphere of hostility towards Jewish people.

The All-Party Group Against Antisemitism, with the support of the PCAA Foundation is now fully focused on working with government and other partners to implement these and other measures to send out the clearest of messages; intolerance will no longer be tolerated. Our latest efforts on electoral conduct can be seen by clicking here.

I hope that you find both the work of the APPG and that of the PCAA Foundation to be of interest.

John Mann MP
Chair, All-Party Parliamentary Group Against Antisemitism


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